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Young's Electrical Services

Young's Electrical Services ca. lIC#1018439
Panel Upgrades & Much More!

Work we have done

Panel Replacement/Upgrade

 Panel Upgrades & Replacements.
We can take care of any Permits needed to make it easier for you!

Recessed Lighting


We do Recessed Lights customized however you want. There are different sizes,colors,and some have the option to be dimmable. 

Outdoor Decorative Lighting


We have done various outdoor electrical projects. It is a great way to keep your house lit up at night as well as creating a beautiful ambiance to your home.  We also do Landscape Lighting.

Ceiling Fans


There is nothing better than having a fan Indoor or Out, to cool down those hot summer days. We assemble and install existing Ceiling Fans and can also put in fans in new locations.



Chandeliers are a beautiful way to light up a room while adding a touch of elegance to any atmosphere. We can assemble and install your chandelier even with high ceilings.

Sub-Panel Disconnect


 We also provide all the common tasks such as replacing outlets, GFI's, and switches. We also keep safety our number one concern and weatherproof anything necessary.